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Friday, April 15, 2011

Outdoor Swimming Pools

There are many beautiful and fun pools around here! Most of them require you to be a member or a guest of a member, but there are a few that you can pay as you go. Sometimes there are even membership discounts if you join before a certain date, so check them out early! I have also listed the country clubs if you are interested.

Pools that offer membership only:

Western Springs Service Club
1300 Hillgrove Avenue
Western Springs, Illinois
(708) 246-0491
If your application and payment is postmarked on or before Friday, May 6 you will receive an early application discount.

LaGrange Field Club
1300 West 47th Street
La Grange, Illinois
(708) 352-9709
Notoriously long waiting list- if you have a feeling you might want to join sometime, put your name on the list when your kids are little!

Village Field Club of LaGrange Park
1651 Forest Road
La Grange Park, Illinois
(708) 352-4318

Lions Park Pool
100 Byrd Ct
Clarendon Hills, Illinois
Early Bird pass available until June 1

Pools where you can become a member or pay as you go:

Woods Pool
711 Tomlin Dr.
Burr Ridge, Illinois
(630) 850-POOL

Hinsdale Swimming Pool
500 W Hinsdale Avenue
Hinsdale, Illinois
(630) 789-7098
Early Bird pool memberships are available until May 13.
You can get a 10 Visit Pass or pay per visit:
Youth 10 Visit Pass: $60
Adult 10 Visit Pass: $85
Resident Child: $7, Resident Adult: $9
Non-resident child: $9, non-resident adult: $14

Pelican Harbor
200 S. Lindsey Lane
Bolingbrook, Illinois
(630) 739-1705
Parent/Tot Swim: $5
MWF 10am-3pm
Sunday 8-11:30am

Centennial Beach
Naperville Park District
500 W. Jackson Avenue
Naperville, Illinois
(630) 848-5000
They call it a beach because there is a large sand beach at the shallow end!
Pre-season membership available until May 14 at noon.
Daily admission rates for residents: $6, non-residents: $10

Country Clubs:

La Grange Country Club
620 South Brainard Avenue
LaGrange, Illinois
(708) 352-0066

Edgewood Valley
7500 Gilbert Road
LaGrange, Illinois
(708) 246-7065

Butterfield Country Club
2800 Midwest Road
Oak Brook, Illinois
(630) 323-1000

Chicago Highlands Club
2 Bluebird Trail
Westchester, Illinois
(708) 947-2190
This is the club currently being built off of 31st street. The website has 3D computer rendered images of what the complex is going to look like if you are interested.


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