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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Giveaway: Santa’s Village AZoosment Park Grand Opening

Santa's Village is re-opening May 27, 2011! The family owned park has been renovated and now combines an amusement park with a zoo (hence, "azoosment"). They even were able to acquire rides from Kiddleland! So it will definitely create some nostalgia for Chicagoans.

Original Santa’s Village Rides:
  • Balloon Race – Originally from 1989, the ride whisks kids and adults up to sail through the air on a hot air balloon.
  • Convoy – These semi trucks have a jungle motif and will give children a safari-like experience.
  • Sleigh Ride – This 1959 ride features horse-drawn sleighs, allowing families to sit back, relax and take in the park’s sites.
  • Starjet – One of Santa’s Village’s original rides, the Starjet blasts children off for an out of this world experience.

Kiddieland Rides
  • Midge ‘o Racer – A Kiddieland original and fan-favorite, the Midge ‘o Racer allows children to try to take a drive in an old fashioned race car.
  • Kiddie Whip – Watch as your children spin around in this Kiddieland memory.

New Rides
  • Dragon Coaster – The Dragon isn’t for the timid. Get a true roller coaster experience with this ride.
  • Kiddie Ferris Wheel – Who doesn’t love this amusement park staple? Watch while children take in a bird’s eye view of the park.
  • Kiddie Hand Trains – Why take the train when your kid can peddle a hand train around a guided course?
  • Swings – The swings takes children around and around until they can’t swing anymore.
  • Tilt-a-Whirl – Kids will scream with joy on this on this classic amusement park ride!

Animal activities include an exotic animal show featuring a hands-on educational presentation, as well as a petting zoo, pony rides and a walk-in aviary with more than 200 birds. The park has two picnic groves, as well as a food area that offers a full menu of both kid and adult friendly options.

Santa’s Village AZoosment Park
601 Dundee Avenue
East Dundee, Illinois
(847) 426-6751

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am-7pm
$16.50 per person, with children 2 and under free
Entrance fee includes all rides and attractions
Parking is free

Santa's Village AZoosment Park was generous enough to send me 3 family passes to giveaway! Each family pass is good for free admission for a family of four. All rides, shows and attractions are free. How cool is that?! 

You can enter in any or all of the ways below. Please remember to post one comment per entry so you can have more chances to win!

1. Share your favorite memory of Santa's Village (comment below)

2. Comment with what ride you are looking forward to riding with your children!

3. Become a fan of the {kidlist} facebook page. If you are already a fan of the facebook page, just comment that you are already a loyal reader. :)

4. Put a link to this giveaway on your facebook page and add a comment that you facebooked it. (here's the link to post:

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6. Blog about the giveaway and comment with a link to your post

7. Post a topic or idea that I can investigate to share on the blog (The idea cannot be something that I already wrote about so please check the topics page before commenting)

note: I will be using a random number generator ( to pick the winner from the comments on this post. Please remember to add separate comments for each entry.

You can enter now through Monday, May 9 at 8pm. I will announce the winner on the blog at that time.


  1. Hi there! Loyal follower/reader.

  2. I also became a fan of Azoosment Park on FB! I used to go to Santa's Village ALL the time as a kid, so this is exciting!

  3. A topic about birthday parties would be fun--maybe unique venues? I know Tate's does them (which you already mentioned), but Color Me Mine in Burr Ridge and Kersten's Bakery in Burr Ridge do cute parties for "older" kids--I think 5 and above with making their own sugar cookies.

  4. I love your posts and I am so exited about Santa's Village. Thanks for this good news! Kids will be glad to see some of the old kiddieland rides, too.

  5. Just found your blog and am looking forward to learning out kids activites in the area. Used to love Santa's Village as a child, can't wait to take my children there!

  6. The Tilt-a-whirl of course!!!! Both me & my son love these.

  7. Became a fan of Azoosment Park on Facbook

  8. Already a fan of Kidlist on Facebook & enjoy your blog.

  9. How about writing a blog post about the local splash parks? My son & his friends loves these.

  10. Also how about a blog post about family friendly camping destinations not too far from home!!!!

  11. You could also write a blog post about taking young kids to Six Flags. We went last Summer 3 times with my 3 year old. He loved it & is asking to go again now that the weather is better,

  12. Just became a fan of kidlist on facebook. Looking forward to the posts on there as well.

  13. I know I went, but can't remember much! Hoping to make new memories with my kiddos!

  14. became a fan of kidlist on facebook!

  15. im also following santas village azoosment park on facebook!

  16. my favorite memories of santas villafe are getting sno-cones and riding the dragon coater and the firetruck where you put out that little fire!

  17. i am looking forward to taking my son there so that we can ride the tilt-o-whirl and dragon coaster!

  18. Just became a it, love it!
    Can't wait to take my family to the NEW Santa's Village..use to love that place.

  19. I'm looking forward to riding the Ferris Wheel with my oldest...she's 3 1/2 and never been on one and just think she would love it!!

  20. My fav memory of Santa's Village was going every year with my grandparents, sisters and two cousins. My grandpa LOVED taking us there and talked about us going all year long. Once summer came, we knew our trip would be here soon! That's actually one of my favorite memories with my grandpa as well!

  21. Just posted a link on my FB page...fingers crossed for a win:)

  22. Facebooked the giveaway!!/pages/The-Peanuts-Gang/116058728476147

  23. Fan of Azoosement on Facebook!

  24. You can maybe talk about some rainy day activities to do in one's own home. It's awesome to investigat the surrounding area, but what if you also talked about some great fun indoors? You could also show a list of some great-tasting, healthy family-friendly restaurants in the area? Love the blog!

  25. Blogged about it!

  26. I truly cherish all the memories of my Dad and mom taking us every year. I remember how much fun it would be to drive from chicago to santa's Village and saying are we there yet! I love to look back at the pictures of us on the sleigh pulled by the horse who wore antlers lol! now I can share these memories with my son and my twin girls.

  27. I Miss Santa's Village - Love Seeing Pics Of Myself As An Infant. They Closed Down Before I Was Able To Take My Kids There. On The Other Hand I've Seen A Zoo To You's Zoos & Their Awesome :) Hope All Goes Well

  28. I was so excited to hear on WGN news that Santa Village was re-opening. I remarried and my husband has never been and I have a four year old son and a grandaughter that I look forward bringing to Santa Village. You don't know how important & excited I was to hear the great news after the disappointment of the closing in 2006. My daughters who are young adults now also look forward going back to the wonderful memories and time we shared as a family at Santa Village.