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Monday, June 20, 2011

Creating Games Around the House

So it's been pretty rainy and it looks like there are more rainy days to come... what do all of you do with your kids at home? I've been trying to create some fun games with a little imagination and things around the house. Here's a few that we've played and I would love to hear what you have thought up!

Lego Bowling
I position a few road pieces next to each other and set up the lego people (or duplo or action figures etc) at the end. Then we take a marble (or bouncy ball if your kids are younger) and roll it down the road to try to knock over as many guys as we can. It's fun and can go on for a long time. My son also enjoys building on either side of the road so there is scenery!

Treasure Hunt
I hide things around the house and make up a story about why we have to find it. I used to play this with my little sister when we were younger too. One time we had a can of coconut milk so I hid it and  pretended that we were really thirsty and need to find it. We took three pillows and only stepped on the pillows for our journey. It was fun to work together to move the pillows up the path and find the treasure at the end.

Ringo Ring
I really don't know how my son came up with the name for this one, but we take an empty oatmeal container and the stacking rings baby toy and try to throw the rings into the container. It's basically a combination of basketball and ring toss, but a scaled down version that doesn't create too much chaos inside.

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  1. I seem to recall treasure hunting for regular old skim milk as well...pretending it was coconut milk. Great ideas, Annie!