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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ice Cream Planet

We just discovered an awesome ice cream place! Ice Cream Planet is a family-owned ice cream distributing company in Brookfield. It started delivering Good Humor brand ice cream in 1989, then decided to open its warehouse outlet store to the public.

They offer ice cream novelties, ice pops and gourmet desserts from all of the leading ice cream brand manufacturers- the list of choices is enormous and impressive. It's basically a huge version of an ice cream truck with all your favorite varieties and more!

Ice Cream Planet also has ice cream push carts for corporate and school events, backyard gartherings and block parties!

You can buy all the delicious treats at their store in Brookfield or even through their secure online store. And get this- you can even order online and have your ice cream order delivered (minimum $100 order within the Chicagoland area)!

Check out Ice Cream Planet to see how they "bring a little happiness to our world, one bar at a time..."

Ice Cream Planet Outlet Store
9345 Southview Avenue
Brookfield, Illinois 60513
(708) 485-2045 Phone
(708) 854-2999 Fax

Print out this coupon and get a great deal!


  1. Ice Cream Planet is one of our favorite bicycling destinations - Most of the stuff in the store is $1.

  2. what a great idea! thanks amy kate. :)