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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Thanksgiving Tradition

Every year during Thanksgiving dinner we go around the table and talk about what we are thankful for. Sometimes it's emotional, sometimes it's funny, but it is always a wonderful experience. It really makes Thanksgiving meaningful and brings joy to our celebration.

We have decided to write the list ahead of time so we can really think about it and remember everything. It's great to recap the year and remind all of us of everything that has happened. Sometimes we even end up giving thanks for negative things that have happened because in retrospect we see the good that came of it.

It has been so great to hear Elliott's list (maybe this will be the first time Allison can make a list?). Little kids think of the most simple and sincere things to be thankful for.

My mom just sent me an article that she read about the very same tradition and thought you guys might be interested... you can read it here.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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